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 (+39) 090 924 02 48 - (+39) 331 24 56 838

Rooms at Hotel Isola di Stromboli

3 star hotel in Stromboli near the volcano. 3 star hotel in Stromboli near the sea

On the island of Stromboli we have selected the best hotel facilities where you can spend a pleasant stay with all the comforts. All of our selected hotels are structured with summer-style en suite rooms, TV, air conditioning, free WiFi.

Some rooms have a balcony with panoramic sea views or the imposing volcano cone, an ideal setting for a romantic weekend break.

For those arriving by hydrofoil / ship, the hotels are within easy reach of the port of Scari Stromboli and can be reached on foot or by using small electric taxis that are located on the harbor bench.

The sea is just a short distance from the hotel as well as the panoramic Piazza San Vincenzo and the Vulcanology Museum.

The sea is not far away with volcanic sand beach and crystal clear waters.

Stromboli does not have many hotels, so for those who want to spend their holidays in these facilities it is advisable to book early on the dates you want to find availability.

Booking requests must be accompanied by: arrival date, days of stay, number of persons, room type (single / double / double).

Send request via Mail to:

Daily rates double / twin rooms (2 people) with breakfast

In Hotel Stromboli Island ....... starting from € ......:


Fascia A

Fascia B

Fascia C

Fascia D

Fascia E

Hotel 3 Stelle

€ 80

€ 100

€ 90

€ 140

€ 195

Hotel 4 Stelle

€ 120

€ 150

€ 140

€ 180

€ 215

* Single room reduction - 25% || ** Triple room supplement + 35%

 Band A: November, December, January, February, March

Band B: April, May, June

C-band: from September 15 to October 30

Band D: July

Band E: August until September 15





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