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Stromboli at night is a wonderful spectacle that the Aeolian islands offers tourists on vacation in this corner of Paradise. Observing Stromboli's pyrotechnic activity from the motorbike park in front of the Sciara del Fuego where the magma flows from the crater's mouth and flows into the sea, is a scenario that is unique and unforgettable.  

Every day from April to October, from the ports of Milazzo, Lipari, Volcano and Salina, our motorboats embark hundreds of tourists eager to attend this event that the Stromboli Volcano offers daily.   The daily program of the visit to Stromboli by Night is in combination with the Panarea island stop for lunch at optional discounted restaurant, bathing and visiting the small center of Panarea.  

The sailing routes that will bring cruisers to the islands of Panarea and Stromboli offer unique and breathtaking scenery, the crystal-clear sea, the islands in front of the islands to be visited, the bubbling water of the underwater volcano, the vision of the Other islands in the distance and often spring dolphins near the boat ... and with jumps in the water seem to welcome us and salute us.   We planed departures from the ports with more vacancy for holidaymakers.    

Milazzo is the main port of Sicily to reach the Aeolian Islands, every year hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over Sicily and Calabria converge on this harbor to embark on our modern motorboats with the destination of the Aeolian Islands and especially for the visit And stop by Panarea and Stromboli By Night.  

Volcano, Lipari and Salina are the islands of the greatest tourist turnout to spend long holidays, in their programming the Panarea and Stromboli By Night mini-tour is included.

Panarea e Stromboli by Night departure from Milazzo Port

Panarea e Stromboli by Night departure from Lipari Port

Panarea Stromboli by Night departure from Vulcano Port





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Clarissa Viaggi Milazzo (ME)  Sicily - Italy


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