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Departures *06:15am – *07:20am –*01:15pm From the port of Milazzo, we go directly to the Island of Stromboli. One of our staff will be waiting for you on the Island of Stromboli to give you all information on the trip and schedule of the day program. At the port of Stromboli Scari there are many attractions. Stromboli is said to be the most beautiful and fascinating Island of the entire Aeolian Archipelago, where fire lives together with a thick vegetation and a fauna rich in species.

A particular attraction is the love nest of Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman during the filming of "Stromboli"; another curiosity for Stromboli is the fact that it was the setting for the conclusion of the novel "A Journey to the Center of the Earth" from 1864 by Jules Verne. Worth a visit are the Church of San Vincenzo and its square where you can admire a magnificent panorama of the islands. It will be also possible to freely climb the crater of Stromboli until the Observatory at 400 meters, where you can have another magnificent view.

07:00pm (At sunset) Boarding our private boat. After sailing past Stromboli, we go to under the Sciara del Fuoco (Street of Firet) to admire from the sea the spectacular eruptions of the active volcano.

09:00pm Departure from Sciara del Fuoco back to the port of Milazzo.

*Times can be changed.





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Clarissa Viaggi Milazzo (ME)  Sicily - Italy


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